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, @* x8 I  m! f; z9 M5 {9 d

" \8 @3 f/ t! r9 y
, V1 t# y# E. L7 c  英文版* _- ]1 A2 g2 v# Q0 g* }
( [% C' f7 P. @% A
( ]7 X. f) R; g4 y
6 l  j: R) n" H/ {9 k" b

, |1 u: M+ q& z0 L( u9 d0 U, Q8 s
) u: I9 [8 v: }. a$ C
GENERAL IMPRESSION$ m: b* ~9 ?$ i% y  j5 Z
The American Bully should give the impression of greatstrength for its size. Compact to medium/large size dog with a muscular bodyand blocky head. Powerful in its movement and should display effortlessmovement at the same time. Keenly alive and alert to its surroundings. TheAmerican Bully should have the appearance of heavy bone structure with a Bullybuild and look.
8 i0 {, Q  S+ X" C' F简介& }3 _' ?) |) Y% S; u: v
; l; N( N' F0 WCHARACTERISTICS5 |# L: ?1 o0 h, ^' ]- h
TheAmerican Bully is a companion breed exhibiting confidence, a zest for life,along with an exuberant will to please and companionship with their family.This making the American Bully an excellent family companion. Despite theAmerican Bully’s fierce and powerful appearance their demeanor is gentle. Theyare great with kids, and extremely friendly with strangers, other dogs, andother animals. Human or dog aggression, extreme shyness, or viciousness is veryuncharacteristic of the American Bully and is highly undesirable.
4 O. M4 [2 K& K1 J5 N9 i0 w, D5 o& j7 K8 n性情特点
7 }) k% \7 {- ]$ ~+ W/ Z' |美国恶霸犬是一种非常自信的家庭伴侣犬,对生活充满了热情,总是会非常高兴愿意与每一位家庭成员建立起深厚的感情。千万不要被他们凶狠的外表迷惑了,他们只是披着狼皮的羊而已。跟孩子,尤其是陌生人,其他狗或者其他动物都非常友好。对人动物具有强烈攻击性,或者严重胆怯是很罕见的,这两种都是严重不能接受的性格。, n# e) s2 i& Z7 L1 c" A3 y/ D
HEAD 头部, a, F; Y8 O2 s

& [8 W. ?5 Z# P) Z& m9 N+ F
$ X9 U0 d/ H$ I8 m- k- {/ P7 c
9 {5 w, @1 p9 q9 Z6 I
- \7 K. A3 C0 b: c3 U! C" Q9 z) l5 a" _# l# [

: z% ?8 Z3 Z& U* N. n1 l6 n  e4 A; f7 b7 a/ o1 C' i3 u- ]! [
+ o5 @4 p( W" O% \0 J) H+ G
! Z8 P; E$ B( w: t2 f. V# H

! m, d9 Q; _' d" t3 x! M• The distinct heavy, large and broad head of the AmericanBully exemplifies breed type.美国恶霸犬的头部特征非常明显,它拥有一颗强壮宽大的头颅。, t+ V/ Q; B* {9 c$ \! O4 I* P

! O/ j( C( v( @% V• Medium in length, deep throughout, broad skull, wellchiseled with very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct and deep stop, and highset ears.中等的颅长,接近方形的头颅,由强壮的头骨组成,异常发达的腮部肌肉和高耸的耳朵仿佛雕塑般。0 g+ m) \! O/ J4 a
• Ears- Set high and can be either natural or cropped.耳朵-高耳位,裁不裁均可。( z  m/ ^! K" K2 ~1 s( C% e
• Eyes- All colors equally accepted exceptblue eyes which is a fault and albinism (pinkish to red), which is adisqualification. Lack of pigment around the eyes is undesirable. Eye shape isoval to slightly roundish, low down in skull and set far apart. Visibility ofthe haw should be minimal.& S) D& I7 @% N$ u9 e# m2 Z+ ~
' _- ^1 }2 {* |$ z# zFaults: Blue eyes. Overly visible haw.一般缺陷:蓝眼以及过长的眼睑。; T. k" o( x8 I: W7 `6 [9 `
Serious Faults: Both eyes not matched in color.严重缺陷:两只眼睛颜色不一致。! H+ r- p% m0 @- {
Disqualifying Faults: Albinism eyes.严重失格:白化眼
. @( F6 \- F# H  z• Muzzle- Short-Medium in length and broad in width. Lengthto be shorter than the length of the skull measuring 25% to 35% (1/4 to 1/3) ofthe overall length of the head. The muzzle is blocky or slightly squared tofall away abruptly below eyes. The topline of the muzzle is to be straight withnose neither pointed nor turned up in profile.吻部-粗短深厚的嘴,吻长范围应占颅长四分之一到三分之一。块状的口吻在面部显得十分有冲击力。鼻部应为平直的,不下垂也不上扬。
' V9 D, x6 d* J, y. {• Jaws- well defined.颚骨-轮廓清晰9 p" g2 J3 K& {( o0 @8 ~9 I# ^
• Under jaw- to be strong and parallel to muzzle, neverturning upward.下巴-平直并强壮有力,禁止上扬。
5 w% I  f) ]2 a3 r! i8 C! K0 W• Lips- semi close and even, some looseness accepted (moreso with the XL and Extreme varieties) but not preferred.嘴唇-半闭合(非全闭合)以及有些松动可允许(多出于大型和极端型)但是并不鼓励。
. W# N3 P! _' [6 U5 b& _' k. u6 r/ w$ |5 Y; Z; ?+ {+ C/ A
7 X( u) ~6 _, v& d5 t$ M

( q7 W: _3 _  V  ^Faults: Muzzle too long or snipey; lack of pronounced, deepstop; weak under jaw; under jaw turning up; nose turning up or pushed back;excessive flews.缺点:过于尖细的口吻;过大或过小的下巴;下巴上扬;鼻子上扬或紧缩;吻部过度下垂。' n. R$ L* O# {+ T$ I1 G9 R3 S
• Upper Teeth- to meet tightly outside lower teeth in formor scissor bite accepted.上牙-将下牙紧密包住,接受剪状咬合。( j) D7 L" `' k# P
Faults: Level bite, overshot bite, undershot bite and wrybite.一般缺陷:水平咬合,地包天,过短的下吻以及扭曲的吻部。$ v$ {" x# Z+ _4 d" a" x( T7 O9 w+ M
. m5 A$ q- [- D9 p5 g7 v
Serious Faults: Severely overshot or undershot bites,measuring 1/4 inch or more.严重缺陷:严重的地包天和短下吻,超过四分之一英寸,相当于6毫米。
. y+ ~) h9 }8 D0 N2 v• Nose- all colors acceptable except albinism (light pinkin color).鼻部-除了因为白化基因的浅粉色的所有颜色。7 ^( [. u1 X5 _1 H. `5 ^" u8 v! W
% R/ W6 A5 w7 R- N& F9 E2 O: u• Heavy, muscular, slightly arched, tapering from shoulderto back of skull. Compact to medium size should have minimal or no loose skin(some looseness of skin is accepted with the XL and Extreme varieties).从头颅开始越来越粗强壮呈弓形。紧凑的大小应该有很少的褶皱(大体组和极端组可以接受褶皱)6 L) W2 e& M# J6 r8 K3 M
Faults: Neck too thin or weak; neck too short or too long.缺陷-颈部过细或无力,过长或过短。
- a. `4 B# T  P! f3 q; TFOREQUARTERS上部份躯体. t6 l# t3 t/ m0 ~7 R
• Shoulders to be strong and muscular with wide blades setwide; and well laid back. The upper arm is approximately equal to the length ofthe shoulder blade and joined at an angle of approximately 35 to 45 degrees.两扇宽大强壮的肌肉覆盖在肩部并且很匀称的向后延伸。前腿长度大致等于肩部的宽度,与肩部形成35-45的角度。
! g% A9 i3 K2 d) J% y! V3 P3 w* J3 ^2 x( o2 ^' P# v

3 E  m$ `$ i6 D" L% l5 Z, P' `& y6 f5 K6 S

" {! l: \+ H/ _4 R! O' m3 J• Front legs- straight from legs, large or round bones,pastern are short and nearly erect.前腿-直腿,粗大而圆的骨头,脚踝短较直。
1 K3 a" t* s9 E: O; P3 [
8 p# N. J4 E6 ]& z  q  B# K2 x2 v0 T/ c' I

3 e( e7 V/ t1 u$ A; h• Feet- slight turning outwards is accepted as long as feetdo not measures a 45 degree.爪-脚不超过45度的轻微外翻是可以接受的。
" I0 S  u; H& F1 Z0 b5 L4 zFaults: Upright or loaded shoulders. Upper arm too short.Front toeing out more than 45 degrees; feet toeing in; front legs bowed; downat the pasterns; splayed feet.失格: 前腿太短。脚向内。前脚外斜超过45度。前腿弯。后脚垫磨损。外八字。
+ z! P. k, j( Y6 a- {" xBODY躯干8 O5 y2 B) o9 ~' l5 S7 o( S
• Heavily muscled, massive “Bully” body type ofcompact/medium length giving the impression of great power for its size andexemplifying the breed type of the American Bully.充满肌肉,以强壮肌肉包裹的紧凑方正身躯证明了自己的身份肌肉恶霸犬。+ c. b3 R# t7 ?; d/ Z0 v
• Well-sprung ribs, deep in rear and all ribs closetogether; rib cage to extend to the elbow.扩展的肋骨,延伸到躯体后方并且紧凑并拢;胸腔最深处可至前腿的肘部。
1 R2 E  H# w8 J8 H8 T2 f- {• Forelegs- set rather wide apart to permit chestdevelopment.前肢-根据胸部大小可以分的很开。
$ o6 {4 U6 _6 V% G; ?: @7 w+ A0 Q• Chest- should be deep, broad and well filled in.胸部-深胸,宽阔并且饱满。7 U# k9 d  ~4 u$ E7 }

* D/ G: T' L7 X, Q, Q
$ K0 b* F, _* A/ m& G, R; x) m9 n/ P% G% G. \7 [, a
8 R8 `2 u+ [0 z1 x! K; S" I( B
BACK背部; N1 {5 B3 ~4 A; a1 C
• Fairly short to medium back, slight sloping from withersto rump or straight accepted with gentle short slope at rump to base of tail.(slightly higher rears accepted for XL and Extreme varieties) but not desiredin the compact medium size. The American Bully should give the appearance of asquare body, equal in length when measured from point of shoulder to point ofbuttocks and from the withers to the ground.长度适中的背部,从肩膀到尾部逐渐倾斜,(略高的臀位仅接受大体组和极端组)。美国恶霸犬躯干,形状接近正方形,平等测量是从肩点到臀部和隆起的肩部到地面。5 e# N. f3 ^% L) K

  |8 w7 `* m& b( x4 Q7 A% ?3 ~9 k! E4 O
" u, z8 D0 ~9 K) ~
Faults: Back too long; rear higher than withers; weak orswayed topline; roached or wheel back.失格:背部过长;臀部高于隆起的肩部;无力或歪斜的背线,拱起或凹陷的背。
" V6 q' t: w3 h. a+ LHINDQUARTERS后躯
! z1 {: {% _( h- x! N• Well-muscled, let down at hocks, turning neither in norout (slight turns accepted in the XL and Extreme varieties).肌肉发达,膝部向下,不向内也不向外(轻微的转向允许在大体和极限): J. M) P: g" I
• Muscular development, angulation and width of thehindquarters should be in balance with that of the forequarters. 肌肉健壮,体型匀称。" |  o4 `) s3 I8 ]! H
• When viewed from the rear legs are to be straight andparallel.后视角度后腿笔直形成两条直线
8 C8 f' c9 y( l1 I' O* u' Y• Croup should have a slight downward angle.臀部有轻微向下的倾斜
1 r  O$ T$ K7 ~$ |1 LFaults: Hocks turning in or out (slight turn out acceptedin the XL and Extreme varieties).缺陷:肘关节的内转和外转(大体和极限两组允许轻微的肘部转向)- D/ O+ s6 A, |
Narrow hindquarters; straight or over-angulated stiflejoints; bowed legs.过窄的后腿,笔直或过弯曲的僵硬关节,弯曲的腿。& W5 G6 n9 F0 [1 h: o2 }
* V4 F8 F0 @1 L& L9 x2 v
TAIL尾部" W. O! j/ I  V, T/ u
• Medium in comparison to size, low set, tapering to a finepoint and extending approximately to the hock.相比体型适当的长度,低位,末端微细匀称的延展到根部) r: u( l7 R( \5 n
• When relaxed tail is to be carried low. When moving tailis carried level with the topline or in a raised position when excited(challenge tail), but should never be carried curled over, breaking the planeof the back (gay tail).放松状态是应是低下状态。当运动时尾部应与背线呈水平状或上翘当变得兴奋时(挑衅尾),不允许过度的弯曲,破坏整个背线的平面(尾娘)0 b; D& p4 x4 ?% D) d

2 Q0 [/ X( Q4 @: S  Z) l  Y) i5 |' f  u1 d# I1 H
; {' \' ]( D' x# F( V
! h1 O+ A2 M" l/ \

! R8 @' F: d! e& ^# t! J# T/ Q3 b; u: y, r, |! D" g3 I. M
• Tail to be clear of any kinks, knots or any curvature.干净的尾部,没有扭结,打结或弯曲! I# |! |! X9 U' g" W3 a+ S
Faults: Tail to long or too short approximately up to aninch above or below point of the hock.失格:尾部过长或过短并且高于或低于肘部2 x6 p  o: q5 Z
Gay tail (carried over the plane of the back).尾娘(与背部不在一个水平面)
; e- v- ], V5 zSerious Faults: Kinked or knotted tail. Extremely shorttail.严重缺陷:拧尾或节尾,尤其是短尾0 r3 z) v3 o2 Y" k
Disqualifying Faults: Screwed or Bobbed tail.失格的缺陷:螺旋尾和截尾2 l* F1 u; J# v& D; l. Q) L; ?
FEET足部0 c  ?# W# V  Q9 S: S
• Should be of moderate size, compact, well arched andtight.中等的大小,结实,足弓弯曲并且牢固。* f2 d$ U3 ^2 Q, J; U- a9 n  u
Faults: Splayed or flat feet; long toes. 缺陷:外八字或趴蹄,过长的脚趾
+ c& F- K( T& m  n; S9 nCOAT毛发
, N+ ^6 ]3 P$ s2 J2 q1 }• Short, close, stiff to the touch and glossy.短小紧凑,摸起来坚硬光滑
* K* R4 v8 Q( a6 K/ o2 Q- f( F8 v5 OFaults: Curly or wavy coat.缺陷:弯曲或者卷曲8 v* a9 ^) W6 E# E
Serious Faults: Long coat.严重缺陷:长毛% J3 {! G& f2 _3 S  i
- |* [* ?% Z/ z1 u* ~, i• All colors and patterns are permissible except the colormerle.所有颜色和花纹都允许除了陨石和大理石色
4 [3 o- A/ Q2 s" D! mDisqualifying Faults: Color Merle 失格:陨石色(就是花丹那种幽灵色)! G) W) I  P4 O# s( S8 d
SIZE体型9 V* S" E4 p+ w  _7 l( G( }
• Dogs should be healthy and should NOT reach the pointwhere it is considered obese.健康强壮的体格,禁止过度肥胖。4 t' p- C9 c: A2 o* o. ?* y  k
• Weight- There is no particular weight for the breed.体重-此犬种没有固定的标准6 @$ J) G' ^) i& D4 {' Z" ~0 A4 C
• Height and weight should be in proportion of the bodyframe.体型大小和体重看起来匀称- o5 \2 \# d/ |% k; N
• Height-Please see Variety Amendments.高度-详细参见分类体型标准。
$ ~( e5 u  @: ]7 z0 K: K! R9 g! e• All varieties to exhibit “Bully” characteristics andtraits as described in the American Bully Standard, which are key elements ofbreed type to the American Bully breed.各个不同的体型都很好的诠释了美国恶霸犬的标准,
8 E4 \  K& p: I2 z# `6 Y* t2 ?. t: r3 S- X% p" W: ~5 I
* a# c1 N4 i9 ?8 V* q
4 Z& Z; }" m4 L2 z
/ y0 S& ?. E+ W8 [$ h; Q1 `$ Do Males under 17″ – 20″ at the withers. Females under 16″ –19″ at the withers.从肩部隆起点起测,雄性低于43.18厘米到50.8厘米,雌性低于40.64厘米-48.26厘米。
' d* z, v2 Y# V/ g/ n9 X' p  rGAIT步态
4 b0 g1 U; P7 V" G2 s  e2 ]• Should be effortless and powerful. The action must,however, be unrestrained, free and vigorous with powerful drive off the rear. (Somepaddling and lumbering accepted in XL and Extreme varieties), but not preferredin compact to medium.# l+ ~6 ?1 R8 L. ]
步态有力而轻松。令人惊叹的行态,柔韧有余并且有力强壮的后躯是动力的来源。(轻微的不稳和步履沉重允许在大体和极限),但不建议中型出现这种情况。. J5 w; k2 n' g
• Front and rear reach should be moderate and in balancewith one another. 前肢和后肢运行时应为匀速平衡,两侧水平。+ }! H$ x+ W$ Q( h# _

- m1 o" F- O& i( I  @7 u& M" X1 T" I
/ H  H* M5 }* b4 Y
• Legs turn neither in nor out, nor every cross orinterfere with each other. 四肢向内或向外,但不会交叉或干扰另外的腿. g- z9 h% i( I8 ^+ V* C/ _
• Dog moving on the same plane – Each leg moving in thesame plane shared with the other leg on the same side. 行进时两侧水平-前后肢各在一个个平面,前肢一个平面后肢一个平面。1 e% w3 |4 l* _7 }0 P
• Backline should remain level, with flexing to be veryslight.背线保持水平,仅有轻微的弯曲: g) D( J5 a" ^+ s8 H% x
Faults: Rolling; pacing; sidewinding; hackney action;paddling or pounding (exception in the XL and Extreme varieties where some isaccepted). Not moving o the same plane; legs over reaching; legs crossing overin front or rear; rear legs moving too close or touching.缺陷:起伏,踱步,斜行,疲态,步履不稳或沉重(大体和极限组允许)行进时倾斜,四肢伸的过长,超过肩部或臀部,后腿移动相互太近以至于发生碰5 T$ `. i9 r) m5 [# @& Z0 |) w0 V- `
触。! I5 B; N. n0 k

7 R/ ]" J+ b: Z- K6 x/ B5 b5 y" b: k  M: O4 N3 L, Y

: t- l* W% u, V0 r% oFAULTS缺陷
2 v2 I' W$ n  U6 v& a- EFaults to be penalized but not disqualifications forshowing are:有缺陷但不影响参赛
# A$ q- x9 B8 R) P• Overly visible haw 过长的眼睑
+ ]' J+ Y* G6 t' R: e3 Z9 R• Muzzle too long or snipey 过细过尖的吻部4 G  r. N7 {6 W" R
• Lack of pronounced/deep stop过大或过小的下巴;下巴上扬;鼻子上扬或紧缩;7 X' H3 {3 @# Y3 t% q2 J$ [# N; G. R
• Weak underjaw吻部过度下垂。
- v7 \7 ^/ r- U, }• Underjaw turning up. 下颚向上弯曲; }( N, n/ G0 E" y3 {
• Albinism nose (light pink) 白化鼻(浅粉色)
* @" m4 i- e% g# C• Nose turning up or pushed back. 鼻部上翘或后锁(鼻筋短?)& R% x+ Z  U1 Y  N2 z
• Tail too long or too short (approx. 1″ from point ofhock) 尾巴太长或太短(大约长度为30.48cm), a, s2 d/ g; g3 v# O' h
• Curled tail (gay tail) 卷尾(尾娘 )% {% {8 q& p& I- `! c
• Level or flush bite 水平和平行咬合0 F/ u6 d$ |  r; N* @- J
• Slightly undershot mouth轻微下颚突出(地包天没包上,只是长)
1 }& W1 j2 g: G. `; {3 ^• Slightly overshot mouth轻微下颚上弯突出(正宗地包天)
) h. `2 W  F" f• Wry or cross bite 扭曲或交叉咬合! y' L  C( U% O7 U1 @  _
• Neck too thin or weak 颈部过细过无力
7 q8 Q8 p3 |* g- b4 T- a% \• Neck too short or too long 颈部太短或太长
9 t9 Z. ?$ K; S' A/ A6 ]• Upright or loaded shoulders 肩胛过直,肩部肌肉凹凸* _( o: T! {5 R/ z: l
• Upper arm too short 前肢过短
' `1 f  M  h2 Z4 p9 J$ j• Severe turned fronts (in or out) 严重的内外八字脚- d* s( Q8 ]8 Q* I: x
• Bowed front legs 弯曲的前腿
) s" ^  M* X4 r: b+ W) l: ^• Down at the pasterns (weak pasterns) 后脚垫磨损6 V$ K  q' y- F* C& V) m9 w
• Splayed feet外八字
, y) G& q$ Z- Q3 @9 Q6 b•  turning in or out(Except in XL and Etreme varieties where slight turn is acceptable) 肘关节的内转和外转(大体和极限两组允许轻微的肘部转向)
+ r7 {7 [" l9 c  g. _8 f• Curly or wavy coat 卷毛或弯毛: D3 A# S) U+ }1 `, ]  S+ A
• Movement: Rolling, pacing, sidewinding, hackney action, andpaddling or pounding (exception in XL and Extreme varieties where some isaccepted). 运动模式:起伏,踱步,斜行,疲态,步履不稳或沉重(大体和极限组允许)
5 \! X) F1 N" q& X! u4 J• Not moving on the same plane – legs over reaching,crossing over in front or rear, or rear legs moving too close or touching. 行进时倾斜-四肢伸的过长,超过肩部或臀部,后腿移动相互太近以至于发生碰触
9 P5 a: i1 V; M, L, m. ^% HSERIOUSFAULTS 严重缺陷
& D' `; ?4 F9 g* NFaults to be heavily penalized but not disqualificationsfor showing are: 很明显的缺陷但可参赛
- ]/ k% f! d: A9 v+ l! x• Both eyes not matched in color 鸳鸯眼) ?- H: B. B4 c, T1 U
• Severely overshot or undershot (1/4 inch or more) 地包天(大于等于6毫米)3 ~+ i; U. X8 P7 a' S4 M' s
• Kinked tail 扭结尾
7 w5 ~6 n! V& L& e$ }• Twisted tail 拧尾
, L8 s) `. v; m7 R' M/ k+ }% |• Knotted tail 打结的尾* c, ?; u& \# @! r4 a/ A, V
• Overly Short tail 上翘的尾
0 `, c2 G+ U* k  Y6 M6 o0 a有关这几种尾的扭曲状态根据其严重程度,排列是由上到下的。(注意这种尾部缺陷大都是由于后天所致,跟后面失格里的因为基因造成的螺旋尾的概念是不一样的)
3 \9 V2 f# \# Q2 M2 h* h+ q) r9 h* x0 o• Long coat 长毛恶霸5 p+ t! v' F+ H- b
DISQUALIFICATIONS失格- k' P: b4 o" z! t3 u
• Displaying or possessing aggressive behavior towardshumans 对人类有攻击性2 n# T2 N2 x5 ?
• Pink or Albino eyes 粉或白眼
) |' j4 [8 i6 V% l; k' \! v6 p* P• Merle color or pattern 大理石或陨石色(麻点)7 E5 D) x' {# ?1 C
• Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid (missing one or bothtesticles) 隐睾(一只或两颗全隐)
) I" a) \4 Y6 X: ^- d% V3 M( G( F• Unilateral or bilateral deafness (deafness in one or bothears) 聋耳(单只或一对聋), G* f: a# F4 Q+ s% L+ U
• Screwed tail 螺旋尾
8 e1 W8 {5 {1 l, n• Bobbed tail 人工截短尾
& r0 m$ l0 w8 j( X& Q
) U, o; C9 \+ O7 Q' L/ s* y3 T% r
! ~9 O" \9 y/ X0 W( [' w& W& p/ N4 O8 o( O; t  U& m5 E
4 \7 o8 H; {( ~1 E9 K  s+ a& \

% b6 B# I$ g/ Q3 X7 e% O, c, ]2 ^# Q6 b( j3 g

+ U7 ]; E5 F& w) `4 X# [
4 I! @8 z% D( G3 ^6 D4 a- e
' G8 v3 v# ]. K! \: x+ _# P
- Z" s9 `2 Y" T5 @- l
" |) g- R2 F9 ~8 g; n$ y1 D! p3 O4 H0 a8 x" i; H

4 I( ]1 t+ D# E# N8 X+ U% K
9 L4 J$ z4 m, x8 Q& y: V- Y7 t" A, ~5 B+ M, m- Q; W* u! }

" I9 |; W9 E; S. o" q4 |8 z* J
3 c: t; |' |& w& r/ R. Q% V& x' h3 h1 t- D+ c

# R# n  V* V4 x. f* g# y3 j
3 r% b" {8 l6 ^* f
0 i/ l0 C% |% C5 y3 T0 R6 H$ V* T% t2 Y. X; l. g, D+ l

; k$ `' q: O5 E8 r# N* I, M
9 e4 b2 s% Z. a! ~5 S5 Q1 E- Y
/ Y0 \4 D0 n5 s- V& h5 x' `2 L, g: M6 I- P
: p0 [3 }4 L# {! A. c

' T/ z' g7 j3 E$ {9 A* A5 R) Y+ A8 @5 n$ t* X% L1 B7 f
2 g& l7 D2 x' D
# o: I8 N+ O; W/ Y% X
' J% D  I/ p3 e; L2 G7 T' x' E
- f2 S2 H  u; t! [7 E# N

0 U) u3 G9 |" p' r9 Y# E# R, ^* m

, P4 D# e* k6 g/ G1 M. S' Y+ l' e6 F7 V( w7 a& S

2 G; M) F6 a. g  A& ~& m+ s/ H! q

) Q! e4 {5 C! ]  R3 J3 ]
* V, S; i" j: T1 x+ a& c* l5 O( s. V+ `5 D0 s

& g- a% L; R" Y' _, P6 J7 L4 f
6 h, h6 ?& L6 A! N+ S) @) ]
" Y6 R( |  P7 r! `# G( [
1 Y; ]7 k0 e5 v4 p8 _9 {( _' k% [4 @! G) h/ p
$ i2 r$ x- I- Q# y  G
$ Q" G" o* z9 a& ~* u0 ?0 k: p
3 n3 Z1 ]1 X$ ?! x- q: b0 |* B
7 [, E1 j3 P  Q3 Q
  v8 E4 C+ s: F9 x

# |& ?3 v8 ^  z9 h( g& d  |1 o! A- L/ H$ {8 ]

) I, i7 c; E/ h, [  u5 I0 m! H  g$ E* |0 P! W/ b
) Y( Z( N* K) ~$ x: J
, R' V( u0 S) s, M, g

# H) ^) S( Z2 h- g" O

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